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Professional Services 

The capture of any animal outside of its normal day-to-day environment is rarely straightforward. The process is often highly dynamic, presenting a range of challenges that - if not planned for - can change in minutes, placing operators and owners under great pressure.  


For this reason it is vital that only capture operators with extensive field-based skills, professional expertise and robust working protocols designed maximise opportunities whilst minimising the risks to your animal, yourself and the public.


Under the management of Mike Allison - the pioneer of Live Capture training in the UK - the company boasts

over 32 years experience in the safe recovery of large, small, domestic and dangerous animals, placing Animal Capture UK and Canine Capture UK as the undisputed leaders in specialised animal capture in the British Isles.


Remote Chemical Injection (RCI) is increasingly used as an option for the recovery of animals that remain loose when all other possibilities have been exhausted. Cutting-edge technology unique to ACUK/CCUK helps ensure that effective, safe & humane capture is made possible in the most challenging circumstances - day or night!


Whatever the species or circumstance, contact Animal Capture UK for the BEST advice and supporting services for the capture of farm animals, domestic animals, frightened or dangerous animals.



                               Dog Capture Specialists


Through our nationally based specialist dog capture unit run by the UK's only fully qualified and licensed team,  Canine Capture UK specialise in difficult lost dogs cases using the most up-to-date technology combined with an operational skill-set that others can only aspire to. CCUK have extensive experience in dealing with particularly difficult cases where dogs have been out for many months or even years.

Whatever your requirements, we have a solution to suit your needs

When hope is fading, why trust your dog's welfare with anything less?

The UK's leading specialists in difficult dog capture

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