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Licensing for Dog Trapping! ... Whats the score?

By Mike Allison, Jul 17 2018 04:06PM

Licensing for Dog Trappers is a subject that has been discussed recently in the dog trapping/capture circles, with one or two operators suggesting that licensing will be required in the forseeable future.

Whilst the trapping of wild animals, birds and fish is currently controlled through a licensing process administered by Natural England, there is - as yet - no such legislative controls governing the re-capture of escaped dogs.

It is clear that one or two organisations are attempting to give the impression that a licensing requirement for the live trapping of dogs is likely to be a requirement in the forseeable future, however it is my view that the idea behind that is to perhaps discourage other operators from carrying out legitimate trapping operations to recover escaped dogs.

Naturally, anyone involved in trapping will be responsible for the safety and welfare of the subject animals, so it would not only make perfect sense, but would in fact be a legal requirement for those people to be fully conversant with the animal welfare legislation surrounding the capture of any dogs.

For the avoidance of doubt, I can confirm that no current licensing requirement exists surrounding the re-capture of dogs using cage traps. It may well be something that will emerge in the future, but certainly there appears to be no current plans in place to introduce such a licence.

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