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Why Canine Capture UK?

Advice & support for owners of escaped dogs - CCUK specialise in difficult dog capture throughout the UK

Surveillance equipment & mapping services - CCUK can help pinpoint your dog's movements

Poster design & social media management - CCUK will help provide and distribute high-impact media 

Humane trap hire including strategic trap siting - CCUK can advise on appropriate trap design & siting

Thermal imaging & night vision technology - CCUK use a range of specialist high-tech equipment

The UK's most experienced CIT operators - CCUK work with the UK's leading darting operators

Accredited members of the ACUK National Network - CCUK work within strict customer care guidelines









Losing a pet - in particular a dog - can be one of the most stressful and worrying experiences, and engaging help to catch your lost dog can be a risky business, often attracting those with varying degrees of experience and commitment - often resulting in failure.


Catching your escaped dog is a task that should be handled carefully to avoid frightening your pet, especially in the early stages. CCUK can provide you with free advice on the best way to get your dog home safely.


CCUK work closely with Animal Capture UK and have extensive experience in dealing with particularly difficult cases where dogs are loose in dangerous environments such as near roads and railways, or those that have been out for many months or even years.


Using only qualified and licensed operators accredited to the ACUK National Network of animal capture specialists, you can be sure that Canine Capture UK are your best option to help ensure the safe return of your dog.              

ACUK Clients include:

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The UK's leading specialists in difficult dog capture cases

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